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Find the right project, the right funding, the right team, but most importantly...

...How to see and mitigate risk.

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Ortus | Development Academy

Property Development Training

Property development has always been a solid strategy for building wealth.

In the most challenging economic climates, there is opportunity, but this opportunity is balanced by increased risk. In times when a rising market won’t carry, or mask mistakes, understanding risk from the outset is where success lies.

Whether property development is a full-time career, or a bolt-on to supplement your wealth planning, our training  will teach you how to see opportunities, how to understand risk, who can help manage it. We’ll teach you the cornerstones you need to build a successful and profitable property development project.

Property Development Training - About you
Property Development Training - About you

About You!

What Experience Do I Need?

There are a few things we know about you so far…

There’s something in you looking to make changes and that you’re looking at property development to do that. Your ambitions may be around creating wealth, changing careers, or just finding more freedom in your life, but it’s there, and that’s enough to get started.

The next thing we know is you understand that to make change you need support. You see the value in education and you know that this new direction carries risks that you need to be aware of. That’s why you’re here. These qualities alone are a great start and, regardless of your previous experience, give us a great platform to work with you on.

There’s a lot more about you that we don’t know. Your experience, your ambition, your goals, but none of these are obstacles. This is what we do, our training, mentor support, and community, will give you everything you need to take that next step with confidence. To identify, appraise, and secure that first project. To understand what risks are involved and how you mitigate them. How to build the right team and deliver a successful, and profitable, development project.

If you’re inquisitive, ready to challenge, and willing to put the work in, you’re good to go, so get in touch and let us join you in taking that first step.

About Us

Ortus Group

We’re a collaborative group of businesses and people working across the ‘Built Environment’ sector with a team that includes property investors, developers, architects, planners, project managers, lawyers…the list goes on.

We’re not a ‘Training Company’, we’re practicing property professionals who provide training within a professional, active, and broad support network.

Tony Horsey, the founder and driving force behind Ortus, has 30+ years experience in architecture and has delivered multiple development projects of his own. A director of Ortus | Architecture and Planning, Tony leads the team overseeing multiple live development projects for numerous clients.

Kim Glover is a property investor, business owner and serial networker. Kim leads the Ortus | Development Forum, a network of Property Developers, Land Owners and Investors, who come together with a wider array or property professionals at in person events to share experiences, opportunities and form new business relationships.

The Ortus | Development Academy is the most recent addition to the group. Drawing together the experience and community from the existing business to create a unique learning environment for aspiring property developers at every stage of their journey.

Academy members have the focused and professional support of the course tutors alongside the wider support network of the Forum members and the ambassadors.

Tony Horsey
Tony Horsey - Founder
Kim Glover
Kim Glover - COO
Property Development Forum

Our Network

Ortus | Development Forum

The Ortus | Development Forum is a network bringing Property Owners, Developers, and Investors, together with property professionals at Bi-Weekly events across the South West.

Launched in March 2022 we host, in person, events every couple of weeks in Exeter, Torbay and Plymouth with new venues in Somerset and Cornwall coming soon.

Our Ambassadors; professionals with experience in Property Law, Architecture & Planning, Development Finance, Project Delivery and Acquisition & Sales, host each event and are on hand to guide and advise. The events are purely a networking platform with no sales and no speakers. Relax with a drink, meet like minded people, form new relationships and shared experiences.

We also host a free Bi-monthly webinar which focuses in on specific, and current, development related issues.

Interesting people in unexpected locations is the tag line for the network. An opportunity to expand your network, collaborate, learn and share as part of a wider community.

Our Training

Developer Essential

A comprehensive two day, in person, course two key objectives.

1. Understanding risk, assessed through the cornerstone principle of property development.

2. Deal analysis. Understand the stages, get to 'No' quickly, find your unicorn with live examples.

This course will give you the essentials of property development and how to analyse new opportunities. With the ongoing support of the forum community.

Developer Intensive

An intensive course of six, In person, weekend workshops over six months. You'll learn to apply the Cornerstones principle to the full development cycle from deal sourcing to project delivery.

You'll learn how 'Your People', Your Market', 'Your Program' and 'Your Costs' are key to understanding and mitigating Risk.

With the support of your tutors, your mentor and your community, you'll develop the skill's and confidence to deliver you first development project.

Project Tracker

Learn in the warts and all environment of the Project Tracker course.

A one day a month course tailored around a live project. The Cornerstone principles are taught in morning classroom sessions with the afternoon on site or in live meetings with the project team.

From cost analysis, contract negotiations and procurement to site inspections and being shouted at by builders. It's all part of the process in the Project Tracker course.


The Cornerstones development principle is at the heart of our training and one of those cornerstones is 'Your People'

Having the right people as part of your development team is the secret to any success and this is the same in your learning journey.

Our mentors have vast experience in Property Development and are there to support you through every stage of your journey.

Development Forum Membership

If you're new to Property Development or simply want to be part of a wider Property Development community then Forum membership is a great first step.

For just £20 / month your annual membership will give you access to all the Forum events plus a 10% discount on any Ortus | Development Academy courses.

Learning centre

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